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A staggering 49 percent of adults in the UK suffer from back pain and postural problems.

Many of these are exacerbated by the need to work at a desk for up to 40 hours a week.

The Busy Body website ties in with our book, The well Tuned Body. This offers simple, practical solutions to postural problems. Based on the Alexander Technique, it helps you break bad habits and learn to relax your body. By following the Technique, you learn to move with greater freedom, more ease and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The Well Tuned Body will change the way you stand, walk and sit, eliminating painful stiff necks, shoulders and backache. You will be able to move more easily, look more youthful, taller and slimmer.

Our book has been published in several overseas editions and is about to become available in a new edition called Free Your Back. See BOOKS for more details.