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Penny Ingham


The Alexander Technique was first developed by actor and public speaker, Frederick Alexander in 1890. The technique is designed to retrain your body and help you to break the bad habits we all acquire. Unlike other methods, the technique is completely non-invasive and many of the practices and exercises can be undertaken on your own and take only a few minutes to perform.


The benefits are:

• you learn to move with greater freedom

• common postural aches and pains can be reduced or eliminated altogether

• your improved posture will make you look taller, slimmer and younger

• you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


The Alexander Technique is best followed in collaboration with an experienced teacher. Beginning May 1st, The Busy Body will offer simple exercises to get you started and enable you to feel immediate benefits.

To explore the Technique in greater depth, we recommend one of our splendid books and suggest you follow this by visiting a teacher of the Technique.

To find an Alexander Teacher in your area, visit:

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) website.

Alternatively email:

or telephone: 0207 482 5135